Beautiful, natural skincare handmade with organic ingredients


Welcome to Peachykeen Organics

We love creating natural skincare using organic ingredients and our motto is 'keep it simple' so you'll find everything natural here and nothing synthetic. That means no parabens, no artificial fragrance or colours, no petrochemicals, no phthalates - in fact nothing but natural oils and butters to keep your skin looking peachykeen.

Handmade in England


Cut Your Beauty Miles We're a small company based in Cheshire making natural handmade skincare. We  try to be eco-friendly and ethical in everything we do and use only certified organic ingredients including essential oils grown just twenty miles away.

Our oils, butters and balms are gentle enough for everyone and are especially suitable if you suffer from dry skin, allergic reactions or if you simply want to avoid harmful chemicals in your skincare.   

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