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  1. Moving to natural skin care. Step one - where to start?

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    When you discover that your skin care and toiletries are potentially damaging you and the planet, it's tempting to take a bin bag and throw everything out. Whilst this is definitely appealing, it's not everyone that can afford to do this (tot up the cost of all the toiletries, skincare and make up you use and it probably adds up to well over  £100 if not double that.)

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    So where do you start? My view is to start with the products that you leave on your skin as these are the ones that you are absorbing into your skin on a daily basis. Your moisturiser, body lotion, serums and eye creams etc are also the things that it's easier to find natural replacements for. Even some high street stores and supermarkets (try Waitrose) have a limited range of natural skin care products. And go online and you'll find a lot of great natural and organic  brands.

    But beware - you need to be armed with knowledge to tackle the ingredient lists. They look daunting, but as you can't trust the description of a product, you need to be aware of the names of the chemicals to avoid. Once you're familiar with the 'baddies', a glimpse at the ingredients will quickly tell you whether this is a product you want on your skin or not.

    Next post will be Step 2: Knowledge is power. What to avoid.