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I've always known oats are renowned as an effective treatment for itchy dry skin but have never tried it out (not sure why? ). The traditional way is to run a bath with a muslin bag of oats in the water or held under the tap to create an oat milk bath.

After a friend came to me yesterday, desperate for a jar of Hand Soother to help her dry, sore hands I reminded her about using olive oil in an emergency and I got to thinking about the other treatments you can find at home. So over the next few days I'm going to try one each day or so and report back giving you an honest view on how effective each one is.

Today's kitchen pharmacy visit is to the cereal cupboard to try out the oats. oats

Rather than use them in a bath, I wanted to see how they worked as a quick treatment on my hands. They are feeling dryer than usual at the moment I guess due to the weather and central heating, although not as sore and chapped as my poor friend.

I took at handful of oats and held them in my hand as I ran warm water over them. Once they felt slightly mushy, I 'washed' my hands with them - messy but actually quite nice (or maybe that's just me!).

Quick tip - I did this over a sieve to save me picking soggy oats out of the sink afterwards.

After I rinsed them off my hands felt a lot smoother - this does act as a gentle exfoliator - and soft too. I'd imagine if your hands are feeling sore and chapped, this would be a really soothing treatment.

So nothing new - but a natural treatment I've known about and never tried. Give it a go if your hands are dry and let me know what you think.

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