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Take one mum of two who loves beauty lotions and potions; add an allergic reaction and a belief in all things organic; mix with a desire to run a business to fit in with family life, a pinch of nerve and a large handful of supportive friends and family; result – jars of beautiful, organic skincare products that are just ‘peachy keen’.  

Peachykeen Organics is a small business making skincare products by hand using natural, organic ingredients. We try to be eco-friendly and ethical and our motto is 'keep it simple' so we concentrate on using what Mother Nature has provided. 

web photo"I started Peachykeen in 2007 to pursue my interest in all things organic. After many years of allergic reactions to mainstream beauty products I educated myself on the dangers and side effects of many of the ingredients I'd been exposed to. Before Peachykeen was launched the choice of natural products available was limited and finding out which were truly natural and which were just jumping on the bandwagon wasn't always easy. That's why Peachykeen's philosophy is 'keep it simple'. By only using organic oils and butters and nothing synthetic, you'll be confident that every ingredient in a Peachykeen jar is one you will know and trust. Peachykeen is still made by hand using low temperatures to preserve the nutrients in the oils and you'll often find our base in Hale, Cheshire filled with the wonderful aroma of essential oils as we cook up a fresh batch of goodness for your skin."


Jane Pusey, Founder - Peachykeen Organics


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